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Elder Law Extra, 1.25.21 1/25/2021
Minnesota High Court Rules 65-Year-Old Medicaid Recipient May Transfer Assets to Pooled Trust Without Penalty 1/25/2021
State Can Recover Twice from the Same Pool of Settlement Funds 1/22/2021
Elder Law Extra, 1.19.21 1/19/2021
ELA Survey Reveals That Covid May Permanently Change How Elder Law and Special Needs Firms Operate 1/15/2021
Key Elder Law Numbers for 2021: Our Annual Roundup 1/14/2021
Elder Law Extra, 1.11.21 1/11/2021
Elder Law Extra, 1.4.21 1/4/2021
ELA Members in the News 1/1/2021
State Can Recover Child Support Arrearages from Medicaid Recipient’s Estate 12/31/2020
Elder Law Attorney Publicly Reprimanded for Poor Communication and Lack of Written Agreements with Clients 12/30/2020
State Cannot Seek Recovery from Medicaid Recipient’s Estate After Three Years 12/29/2020
Elder Law Extra, 12.28.20 12/28/2020
Court Reverses Grants of Protective Orders to Nursing Home Residents Who Transferred Their Assets to Their Wives 12/22/2020
Elder Law Extra, 12.22.20 12/22/2020
Elder Law Extra, 12.14.20 12/14/2020
Elder Law Extra, 12.7.20 12/7/2020
N.C. Estate Attorney Disbarred for Misrepresentations and Providing Legal Advice to Non-Clients 12/3/2020
Wife Had Authority to Transfer Property to Herself Under a Power of Attorney 12/2/2020
Court Dismisses Fraud Claim Against Company That Provides Assistance to Medicaid Applicants 12/2/2020
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